Mt. Katahdin

Climb Mt. Katahdin, explore Baxter State Park and pursue the wily pah-tridge and rambunctious smallmouth.

The Penobscot Indians named Mt. Katahdin, “The Greatest Mountain”. Borrowing that sentiment from our namesake, here at Camp Katahdin Adventures we are proud to present “The Greatest Camp”! Add the superlative accommodations and you have the unbeatable combination of a world-class corporate retreat, luxurious vacation spot and the ultimate base camp for all your hunting, fishing and outdoor adventures – all in one.

Whichever you choose, be sure your plans include some quality time with our neighbor, Mt. Katahdin.  The Great Mountain, surrounded by 200,000 acres of Baxter State Park, offers a knapsack full of great outdoor activities! Being Camp Katahdin, we feel a special responsibility to help you enjoy each other! You will find our staff and guides have the knowledge and gear to make that happen!

Of course, hiking the 5,270 foot high spectacle is the greatest attraction – and challenge; challenging, but not impossible!  Hike to the base or hike to the top, the well-marked trailheads and approaches make summiting and hiking a great personal achievement; you supply the energy! The views are indescribable. Crossing the Knife’s Edge to Baxter Peak is a thrill you will never forget! Ever! Remember: this is “Adults Only” serious mountain climbing. Extreme weather and falls have claimed several lives Climbing Katahdin since 1963. Still, if you’re a novice or lightly experienced hiker or climber who would like to gain some practical experience on the Great Mountain, you’ve come to the right place! Camp Katahdin can help you get prepared and put you in the hands of experienced guides. Where else would you find Mountaineering at its finest than Camp Katahdin, right next door to our Great Mountain neighbor!

Mountain biking around Mt. Katahdin is another adventure in Maine’s great outdoors we feature here! Bring your own mountain bikes or use ours! Challenging trails! Eye-popping scenery with every season! Stop and go as the mountain spirit moves you. Rest and snack at a roaring stream or quiet lake.  What’s not to love about mountain biking through the Maine woods in the shadow of Mt. Katahdin?

For the experienced hiker, Mt. Katahdin is the starting or ending point for the Great Appalachian Trail, the “A.T.” to these seasoned veterans!! To hike all 2,160 miles takes training, stamina, an intimate knowledge of the outdoors and the working knowledge that comes from serious camping experience. A large helping of Common Sense is also required and, of course, comfortable, durable shoes!

If you are serious about hiking the complete “A.T.”, here at Camp Katahdin we have a suggestion: Do your training here with us. Then, start your trek from the other end, Springer Mountain, GA. Just knowing you are hiking back to Camp Katahdin will be a great incentive that will put a spring in each step and the wind at your back! Coming home to The Great Mountain, Mt. Katahdin and its warm, friendly, comfortable (and great!) neighbors, Camp Katahdin Lodging!

"Our group of 14 stayed at the cabin for the New Years weekend, and we could not ask for a better experience. The house is big, comfortable, and has every amenity, especially in the kitchen. The property is huge and full of opportunities. The friendly caretaker Greg was a great asset to have around as he tirelessly plowed snow for us, helped us with our every need, and was always available. We can't thank him enough. Looking forward to our next visit!"

-Andrew, January 2017