Pheasant Hunting

Guided Northern Maine Pheasant Hunting

Commercially Zoned Pheasant Hunting

Welcome to the Signature Feature Outdoor Adventure of Camp Katahdin: our all-inclusive pheasant hunts!

No need to wait for “bird season”! Any time of year, 7 days a week, if it works for you, it works for us! As a Guest of Camp Katahdin, a commercially zoned corporate entity, you don’t even require a license!

Experienced hunters know Phasianus colchicus mongolicus (“Ringneck Pheasant” to you trout fishermen) is a wily, conniving, smart-aleck game bird whose Technicolor plumage belies its ability to hide in plain sight. They are also well known to prefer running rather than flying and flying rather than putting up with the big black nose of a Pointer blowing its cover or the occasional Size 10 hitting his tail feathers. Experienced hunters also know pheasants don’t take to flight “gently”!

Here at Camp Katahdin, our locally raised birds are no different from their native cousins – except for one very important fact: when you’ve booked a Camp Katahdin all-inclusive pheasant hunt, you know the birds are out there. Waiting! And “there” is where your guide and his dogs are going to take you and the rest of your party: over 400 pheasant-loaded acres for your hunting and shooting pleasure!

Let’s face it: you live a busy, successful life. A few days or a week at Camp Katahdin, a world-class corporate retreat and hunting lodge, unique as it is comfortable, is not to be squandered on tromping through endless fields and brush hoping to flush a bird. While shooting accuracy is entirely your responsibility, with Camp Katahdin Signature All-Inclusive pheasant hunts, you can be sure lots of gorgeous Phasianus colchicus mongolicuswill make their presence known! We even make cleaning your birds another time-saving option.

Oh – and speaking of “shooting accuracy”, don’t pass up the opportunity to take an eye-sharpening, reflex-testing trip around our Sporting Clays course and Shooting Pavilion. Nothing gets you ready better for that explosive pheasant action!

Give yourself the birds! With Camp Katahdin guides, dogs and locally raised/released birds, you and your party will experience the thrill of the hunt with great results. Everything is provided to ensure a great time in the field, 7 days a week, year ‘round. 

And at the end of a great day in the field, it’s back to relax at the Denny Lodge at Camp Katahdin!

"Our group of 14 stayed at the cabin for the New Years weekend, and we could not ask for a better experience. The house is big, comfortable, and has every amenity, especially in the kitchen. The property is huge and full of opportunities. The friendly caretaker Greg was a great asset to have around as he tirelessly plowed snow for us, helped us with our every need, and was always available. We can't thank him enough. Looking forward to our next visit!"

-Andrew, January 2017