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Maine Corporate Retreats

What is the difference between a Corporate Retreat and a Vacation?

Here at Camp Katahdin, featuring the stunning Denney Lodge, the simple answer is: none. Whatever your goals may be: Team building, brainstorming problems, products or solutions, company strategy in the face of serious competition, or just a chance to put your feet up and enjoy nature with your team. 

Camp Katahdin is unique. You are not likely to find any other World-Class Corporate Retreat with the versatility, flexibility, creativity and multitude of choices available to you and your group such as we feature here. Listen to our podcast about The Best Corporate Retreat & Event Venue In Maine.

From the luxurious comfort of the Denney Lodge to our All-Inclusive Signature Pheasant hunts, from backpacking to snowmobiling, the stage is set for your productivity as well as enjoyment in the most comfortable “rustic” setting you will ever see!

And while we pride ourselves on the world class comfort of Denney Lodge, we provide that same luxury in our fully equipped board room complete with Wi-Fi and satellite TV.

Comfortable privacy leads to productive sessions while our plethora of exciting outdoor adventures will boost everyone’s morale and spirit. Whatever may be required to provide an enjoyable, comfortable venue conducive to reaching the goals you’ve set for your Team – that’s our Mission Statement at Camp Katahdin.

What other Corporate Retreat could double as your base camp for Maine’s renowned Big Game hunting?  Why not combine the two? Consider the possibilities!

Camp Katahdin and the new Denney Lodge: World Class Corporate Retreat, premier Hunting Lodge or luxurious get-away? What is your pleasure? Call and let us help you decide!

We’ve been conducting meetings, holding corporate events, and doing deals over campfire for many years at Camp Katahdin. 

"Our group of 14 stayed at the cabin for the New Years weekend, and we could not ask for a better experience. The house is big, comfortable, and has every amenity, especially in the kitchen. The property is huge and full of opportunities. The friendly caretaker Greg was a great asset to have around as he tirelessly plowed snow for us, helped us with our every need, and was always available. We can't thank him enough. Looking forward to our next visit!"

-Andrew, January 2017