Hunting in Northern Maine


Deer. Bear. Moose. Hunting all of Maine’s legendary Big Game is the heart and soul of Camp Katahdin. Our Hunting Lodge was created specifically to provide the greatest luxury and comfort before and after your hunt!

Scenes from Camp Katahdin Hunting Retreat

Trophy Whitetail Deer — Easily, the American Hunter’s #1 Big Game Trophy. And in our neck of the woods of Northern Maine, there are more of them than most anywhere else in the country. Seeing bucks exceeding 200 pounds is not rare; bagging one takes talent, experience, knowledge and a little luck. Camp Katahdin is dedicated to do our part to put you in the way of Maine’s monster bucks, to make your hunt a success and your stay a pleasure.

Another successful Camp Katahdin hunt

Moose – The Monster of the Maine Woods! Imagine the thrill of having one of these magnificently antlered beauties in your sights! Big Game like this calls for big preparation to maximize every opportunity to bring one home. And Camp Katahdin is just the place to help you do it. Call to discuss the details of your customized hunt! 

Coyote – While Coyotes are a big predator problem in Maine, they have also opened up a whole new hunting adventure! More than most game, coyotes have proven a remarkable ability to adapt to adverse conditions and still proliferate. Hunting the real wily coyote is great challenge even to experienced hunters. Call Camp Katahdin to speak with us about the many ways we can help design a coyote hunt for you!

Pheasant – No need to wait for “bird season”! Any time of year, 7 days a week, if it works for you, it works for us. As a Guest of Camp Katahdin, a commercially zoned corporate entity, you don’t even require a license! 

Whatever the season, whatever the game, Camp Katahdin is your premier Big Game Hunting Lodge and Hunting Retreat.  Virtually everything necessary to pursue your Maine trophies are assembled and available right here. Our years of local hunting experience, our working knowledge of thousands of acres of rich hunting land and our flexibility and ingenuity to custom design a world-class hunting package that satisfies your wants and needs for the hunting adventure of a lifetime; one that can be experienced year after year after year here at Camp Katahdin. Call – and let us start creating your next hunting adventure!

"Our group of 14 stayed at the cabin for the New Years weekend, and we could not ask for a better experience. The house is big, comfortable, and has every amenity, especially in the kitchen. The property is huge and full of opportunities. The friendly caretaker Greg was a great asset to have around as he tirelessly plowed snow for us, helped us with our every need, and was always available. We can't thank him enough. Looking forward to our next visit!"

-Andrew, January 2017