5 Reasons to Snowmobile at Camp Katahdin

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There are probably a ton of reasons to choose Camp Katahdin for your next snowmobile adventure.

Camp Katahdin sits on Connector 112 of Maine’s Interconnected Trail System (ITS) which links more than 14,000 miles of snowmobile trails throughout the state. Needless to say, there are a lot of riding options starting right outside the front door of Denney Lodge. 


But for today, I want to talk about five of my favorite reasons to make Camp Katahdin your next snowmobile adventure headquarters.

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Pictured: Camp Katahdin’s Wendell Farm and Mt. Katahdin 

Stunning Northern Maine Views

Northern Maine in general is a beautiful landscape. Vast forests, mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes. It’s truly an outdoorsman’s dream. And nestled right in the middle of it is Camp Katahdin. Out to the west is Baxter State Park, Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument, and of course, Mt. Katahdin itself.

Oh, and Katahdin has relatives – other mountains that lend even more awe-factor to the views – such as North Brother and Hamlin Peak. To the north are places like Shin Pond, Mt. Chase, and other gorgeous landscapes. 

On snowmobile day trips from Camp Katahdin you can get to places like Millinocket Lake, Island Falls, or even the renowned Allagash Wilderness Waterway way up in the multi-million-acre Northern Maine Woods.

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Camp Katahdin Accommodations Defy Expectations

No list of reasons to visit Camp Katahdin would be complete without mention of the luxury accommodations Denney Lodge provides.

Basically, this place is exactly the type of cabin you’d expect in North Maine, except much bigger (it sleeps 15), fully modernized (with WiFi, satellite TV, and a tech-filled board room), and much more comfortable (with a new chef’s kitchen, plush leather furniture, and multiple bathrooms).

So I guess really it’s nothing like what you’d expect, other than the log construction and cabin-in-the-woods décor. If you want to go all Thoreau on us and disappear into squalor in the wilderness, this isn’t your place. But if you want to wake up every morning in luxury digs, have breakfast in a kitchen fit for Food Network, then take off and ride snowmobiles all day looking for the places those Thoreau types like to disappear to…then this is exactly the place for you.

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Northern Maine Wilderness So Close, Yet So Far Away

With its proximity to the Northern Maine Woods, Camp Katahdin is a step (or sled ride) away from remoteness and serenity the likes of which is tough to find east of the Mississippi. This area is millions of acres of mostly undeveloped, hard to access, working forests inhabited by little more than loggers and wildlife. You’re more likely to encounter moose than another human. For the likes of us that love to escape to places like that, the best kind of rides are more or less trips to nowhere. 

And there is a ton of nowhere near Camp Katahdin. 

Yet, looking other ways, there’s plenty of civilization to return to. There are a number of little towns with hidden gems of places to visit, many accessible via snowmobile on a day trip from camp. Camp Katahdin is only an hour and a half from Bangor International Airport and connectivity to practically any populated destination in the country. What’s more, it’s also only a mere five-hour drive from Boston.

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Great Dining is Only a Snowmobile Ride Away

Speaking of civilization and those hidden local gems, the thousands of miles of snowmobile trails offer plenty of options for a sled-in dining experience. I won’t get into the details here since I’ve covered a number of destinations already (like places for seafood or other local favorites), and probably will cover more later. 

Suffice to say there’s a ton of opportunity to snowmobile out to some of the finest local eateries and return in time to squeeze in a couple rounds of poker with the guys back at the lodge.


You Don’t Actually Need a Snowmobile

Yes you read that correctly. To go on a snowmobile adventure at Camp Katahdin, you don’t even need your own sled. There are literally dozens of places all over Maine where you can rent snowmobiles. To find a rental agent, check first on the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (IFW) website or have the guys that run the camp hook you up.

Nor do you even need any knowledge of the trail system or destinations. Beginners and novices are more than welcome to join in Maine’s sledding tradition (as I discussed here). One of the great things about Maine’s sledding culture is how willing everyone is to share it. So guided snowmobile rides are an option for those not wanting to go it alone. 

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The snow will be flying soon. Is your sled gear ready? 

Ours is. See you on the trails!

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Snowmobile Lodge in Maine

Denney Lodge at Camp Katahdin is a luxury Hunting Lodge in Northern Maine that sits right on Maine’s ITS Connector 112.  It sleeps 15 and comes with a brand new Chef’s kitchen.  Step out your door and jump on your sleds to connector 112 for an amazing day trip.  Snowmobiling, hunting, board room for meetings and corporate events, our little slice of heaven can accomodate your unique group. We have a few other properties for rent on the Camp Katahdin Adventures Land. Read more about our lodge here: