5 Reasons to Host Your Next Guys Trip in Maine

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Pictured: Camp Katahdin’s Denney Lodge and one of our 2017 bachelor parties

As if you needed more reasons. Here are 5 Reasons to Host Your Next Guys Trip in Maine… more specifically at Camp Katahdin in Northern Maine.

Outdoor adventure in Northern Maine is prescription strength.

Let me explain.


You ever see one of those pharmaceutical ads on TV and think, “Damn, how do I get that disease?” There’s people riding bikes and climbing mountains, fishing, having fun, or sitting in separate bathtubs side by side holding hands in a beautiful meadow overlooking a scenic valley. 

First off, did they seriously haul those bathtubs all the way out to the countryside? And if so, where’d they get the hot water to fill them?

But I digress.

The point is that these ads show all this amazing stuff that supposedly their product will help you do. Then they add the disclaimer, which if you really listen to it, you question why anyone would ever want to take that drug.

Now back to my point. Today’s post is five reasons to host your next guys trip Camp Katahdin in Maine. But I thought I’d present it like those ubiquitous pharmaceutical ads we’ve come to know and love so much. So when you read these next few headings, imagine they’re the scripts for some of those ads.

And yes, do pay attention to the disclaimers.

3 snowmobile Collage.jpg

Rx: Snowmobiling in Northern Maine

Does the thought of winter snow storms make you cringe? The slippery streets and resulting traffic problems. Shoveling and shoveling and snowblowing and shoveling some more. Rock salt on everything.

Ask your buddies about prescription strength snowmobiling.

Snowmobiling has been found to alleviate hatred for winter. Shredding through fresh powder on a high-horsepower sled has been found to eliminate symptoms of winter blues and sore backs caused by too much shoveling. 

Side effects from Maine’s 14,000+ miles of snowmobile trails include rosy cheeks, an overwhelming sense of euphoria, eating too much at hidden local diners and pubs, seeing scenic katahdin trails you’ve never seen before, and a growing desire to quit your job and move to a cabin in the woods. If these desires become acute, submit your vacation request and contact Camp Katahdin snowmobile lodge immediately. But don’t actually quit. You still need to buy fuel for those sleds.

sept 2017 atv lodge.jpg      Pictured: Camp Katahdin’s Denney Lodge

Rx: ATV Riding in Northern Maine

Do you ever dream of miles of off road trails stretching out before you, disappearing into a forested wilderness? I do.

That’s why I take prescription strength ATV riding in Northern Maine. 

ATV riding is not for everyone. If you are allergic to outdoor adventure, fun, excitement, mud, dirt, trees, mountains, breathtaking scenery, fresh air, amazing fall color, great food and drink, horsepower, or if your heart is not healthy enough for these types of activities, you should not ride ATVs on Maine’s thousands of miles of ATV trails (yes, literally thousands of miles).

But everyone else should.


Rx: Hunting in Northern Maine

Has your doctor (or your wife) told you to eat better and get more exercise? Yet you continue to avoid the gym and the organic section at the grocery store.

You need prescription strength hunting in North Maine.

Get all the exercise you need walking the woods in pursuit of deer or grouse. Or get your workout pheasant hunting (which you can hunt year-round at Camp Katahdin). Then feast on organic fare the way nature intended.

Side effects may include staying outside all day, missing shots and catching hell from your buddies for it, and spending large sums of cash on guns and gear.

 Corporate Retreats near the Forests of Maine.jpeg

Rx: The Great Outdoors!

Do you ever feel a sense of rage before lunchtime on any given weekday? You ever just want to punch someone in the face?

You may benefit from outdoor recreation. This prescription comes in various doses. Fishing is one dose; sufficient for those with only mild desires to slap their boss. For those feeling the urge to go full on Fight Club, there are more strenuous doses including mounting hiking, mountain climbing, and whitewater rafting.

Outdoor recreation is not the cure for hating your job, but it can help manage the symptoms. Side effects may include getting in better shape, becoming more attractive, being less angry with the idiots in your life, and the overwhelming desire to continually escape to the North Maine wilderness with your friends.


Northern Maine is Closer Than You Think

I said earlier there were five reasons to host your next guys trip at Camp Katahdin. But I couldn’t figure out how to script this one like a pharmaceutical ad, so you get four interesting reasons and then this one. 

But that doesn’t make it any less of a reason. In fact, this may just be the final encouragement you need to fully commit to the trip.

Right? Are you still reading?

Stay with me…

Here’s the thing. North Maine seems so far away – and in fact, its remoteness is one of the big draws. But really, it’s closer than you think. Camp Katahdin is only an hour and a half drive from Bangor International Airport. So basically, you can fly in from practically anywhere and be at camp a couple hours later.

What’s even more motivating is that Camp Katahdin is only about a five hour drive from Boston. Hit the road just before breakfast and be at camp in time for lunch. Literally, you could make a weekend trip of it. 

Are you ready to get away with the guys? Are you ready to enjoy a good hit of prescription strength outdoor adventure?

Northern Maine is your pharmacy. And it’s time to medicate.


Denney Lodge (pictured) at Camp Katahdin is our new luxury log cabin that sleeps 15.  

Complete with a chef’s kitchen, comfortable leather sofas, a boardroom, and every amenity you can think of, it’s a nice way to get together with friends and family for a little trail riding. 

Ask us about: Our private shooting range, private shooting instruction from Navy Seals, year round pheasant hunting – no license needed, ATVing, snowmobiling, hiking, biking, mountaineering, catered events with tents, bonfires, private chef services, and more. 

View pics, rates, reviews, and available dates here: