5 Reasons to Spend Your Holidays at Camp Katahdin in Northern Maine

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Here are 5 Reasons to Spend Your Holidays at Camp Katahdin. You could spend your holiday vacation at a luxury lodge nestled into the forest-covered mountainous wilderness of Northern Maine. You could spend your days enjoying the outdoors, exploring the wilderness, and taking in some of the best scenery North America has to offer.

Or not. 


You could just stay home and squeeze a ton of people into a small living room or sit elbow to elbow at a too-small dinner table.

“Is that drunk uncle bringing up politics again? Did someone just show up with ANOTHER box of wine? Why is that kid screaming? Who’s kid is that anyway?”

Oh, the holidays!


Maine’s Camp Katahdin Offers Plenty of Space

Inside and out, Camp Katahdin gives you room to breathe. Whether it’s the fresh forest air, or the giant living and dining rooms at Denney Lodge, or the hundreds of acres of prime hunting land, you won’t feel cramped here. And when drunk uncle’s political rants become too much to bear, you can literally disappear into millions of acres of surrounding wilderness.

“All I want for Christmas is my…sanity!” 

The lodge is equipped to sleep 15. There are four separate showers and three separate toilets, on-site laundry, and even an executive board room with all the tech you’d need for a business meeting. And so much more…


The Best Outdoor Adventures in Northern Maine

You’re not coming to Camp Katahdin to stay inside and watch satellite TV all day. And even if you were, the call of the Maine wild will stir your soul to the point you can’t help but head outdoors. So what kind of adventure do you want for the holidays?

Look, I get it. When you reach a certain age, the things you really want don’t fit under a tree. At times like these, you just want to get away. You want to go somewhere and see something magnificent. You don’t want some trinket or gadget or device you won’t use six months from now. You want an experience!


There aren’t a Lot of People in Northern Maine

Is it just me or do peoples’ intelligence levels fall in direct proportion to prices at retail stores? Like, seriously, do sales have anything to do with driving? 

“No? Then why are you driving like an idiot?!”

That’s the great thing about the Katahdin area of Maine. There aren’t many people. Hell, there aren’t even a lot of roads. Traffic problems are as likely to be caused by moose as they are by insolent drivers. Stoplights are a rarity and snow in these parts only improves the transportation system for those with snowmobiles (don’t worry, you can rent one if you need to).

Even if you bring a big group up for the holiday, you’re only a short hike or sled ride away from quiet wilderness solitude when you need it. And if you’re like me, after a few afternoons with the extended family, you will need it.

 katahdin snow cap.jpg

Camp Katahdin’s Wendell Farm (also for rent) View of the Glorious Mt. Katahdin

Northern Maine Offers Breathtaking Scenery

As great as reruns of “A Christmas Story” are, staring at a TV is no way to spend the holidays. You know what is? Taking in views of forest-covered mountains. Millions upon millions of acres of some of the greatest wilderness views North America has to offer (yeah, I know I said that already, but seriously, the views are like…wow!).

The scenery in the Katahdin area is truly spectacular. From snow-covered mountain peaks to vast expanses of forest, to tree-lined rivers and lakes. Hell even the pictures are awesome (which you could post to make all your friends envious).

What’s more is that so much of it is accessible by some sort of trail – snowmobile, ATV, hiking, or cross-country skiing trails are abundant. So you can really get out there and fully immerse yourself in wilderness and remoteness the likes of which are hard to find in most places.


Camp Katahdin is Pretty Luxe

Not only is there plenty of space within the lodge, the indoor scenery is pretty spectacular as well. Let’s talk creature comforts…

This log-cabin-on-steroids features a giant chef’s kitchen (and an optional on-site chef if you so choose) and dining area. There are leather sofas and chairs in the living room. And what cabin would be complete without a fireplace?

You’ll have to bring your own chestnuts to roast. Where do you even get chestnuts anyway? 

Oh and don’t worry about the kids and their gadgets (or dad and his work obligations). There is WiFi. And satellite TV.

And that’s exactly why places like Camp Katahdin exist. This luxury retreat in the remote wilderness of northern Maine specializes in providing experiences that you’ll never forget.

And that, to me, is the perfect holiday gift and something to be truly thankful for.


Northern Maine Lodging in the Katahdin Area

A great basecamp for your next adventure. One of our three rental properties will suit you! Denney Lodge sleeps 15, our updated 1800’s Farmhouse sleeps 8 comfortably, and our remodled cabin sleeps 7 – with all the amenities from home.  All Camp Katahdin lodging sits right on ATV and snowmobile trails, no license needed, 7 days a week pheasant hunting, a private shooting pavilion and more. Read more here: