Boston Bachelor Party, Maine Style: A Story

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If you’re getting married or you can think of a reason to take a road trip with your best friends, consider the following tale, Boston Bachelor Party, Maine Style: A Story, and let us paint a picture of what a trip to our part of the world looks like. Photos taken from actual group visits to Denney Lodge at Camp Katahdin  – A note from the editor


Boston Bachelor Party 

Matt rang the doorbell at 7am on the dot. He was nothing if not punctual.

To his surprise, Janie opened the door.

“Ma’am,” he said, striking his best gentlemanly pose and donning his most disarming smile. This was the woman his best friend would marry next weekend. Hence his presence here in Boston at Derek and Janie’s house early on a Friday morning.

She looked at him sideways. Then she looked past him to his waiting truck loaded with coolers, various gear bags, and several fishing poles.

“Fishing?” She asked, not even attempting to veil her skepticism.

“Yep. And some four-wheeling. And maybe some hiking and…you know…man stuff.”

“Don’t worry, honey. I’ll wash off the glitter before I come home,” Derek said, showing up from behind her carrying a duffel bag.

She smiled and they kissed their goodbyes.

Turning back to Matt she said, “Just no face tattoos, okay?”

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Best Mancation Destination 

With Boston fading behind them, Derek asked about the other two friends he knew would be joining them on this mancation of sorts.

“They’re already on the road. They’ll meet us up there,” Matt replied.

They were headed for the Katahdin Area of Northern Maine. The terminus of the Apalachian Trail.  Nestled among the woods, mountains, and glorius lakes of this area is a luxury hunting retreat called Camp Katahdin in the little town of Patten, Maine.

The town of Patten is about a five hour drive north of Boston. And for those of their friends who are flying, Bangor International Airport in Maine is only an hour and a half drive to Patten. 

“You’re in charge of tunes,” Matt said, tossing Derek his iPod. “We’ll be there by lunch.”

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Boston Guy’s Trip Day Two

Fritz and Skip were grilling beer brats when Matt arrived at Camp Katahdin with the bachelor in tow. After the obligatory handshaking and razzing about the upcoming nuptials, they ate and then hauled their bags into the surprisingly luxurious lodge.

For as near to the North Woods as they were, the fellas on this guys trip to Maine hadn’t expected such nice accommodations. Hell, it even had WiFi.

As soon as they finished eating, Matt began loading gun cases and boxes of ammo into the back of two awaiting Polaris Rangers. An avid shooter, Matt was the group’s go-to armorer and he certainly came prepared to hit the shooting range today.

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“This is my kind of bachelor party,” Derek thought as he climbed aboard eyeing the cargo with anticipation. They made their way to Camp Katahdin’s private shooting range and spent the next few hours burning powder and bruising shoulders. Matt had supplied rifles, shotguns, pistols, and plenty of ammo for each. The ammo alone must have cost a small fortune. But damn was it fun to burn up!

Returning to Camp Katahdin, they built a fire and continued the bachelor party well into the night.

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Best Guys Trip Ever

A fresh pot of coffee and a shower and the Boys from Boston were ready for a full day of ATV trails in the Katahdin area of Maine. But first, breakfast. They loaded fishing poles and coolers into the beds of the Rangers and took to the ATV trails right out of camp.

The Maine ATV trail system is expansive. The Boys from Boston had literally thousands of miles of trails to choose from during this bachelor party. But with so many great places to stop along the way, they wouldn’t need near that many.

They drove in to Patten for breakfast and a quick stop for snacks, bait, and licenses. Guts full, they once again took to the ATV trails, disappearing into the great North Woods.

They made their way north and west, riding and fishing until eventually arriving at Shin Pond where they stopped for dinner. There’s a great little restaurant and a pub up that way so they had all they needed to fill the evening. Add to that a great sunset over the Katahdin area mountains to the west and you have a recipe for a getaway so epic, you’ll never forget it. Even despite the bottomless coolers of beer.

Stuffed once again, they meandered back through the ATV trails, stopping off in Patten once more to restock coolers before closing their final night around the campfire.

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ATV Trail to Mt. Chase 

The Boys from Boston rose extra early on Sunday, albeit not easily. To-go cups in hand, the fresh morning air on the ATV ride to Mt. Chase had them ready to climb mountains by the time they arrived. Which was good, because that’s exactly what they did. They reached the 2,440 foot summit in great time. They stopped, breathing hard, and took in the scenery.

“Holy sh…” was all Derek could muster. The view. My god, the view. As if he needed help being short of breath.

They lounged there for a bit taking in the views of the mountains in the morning sunlight and reflecting on an epic weekend. They’d be back in Boston in time for dinner. But at that moment, the city seemed a world away.

That’s the kind of weekend you never forget. That’s the kind of bachelor party only Maine can offer.

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