ATV Riding in Maine: Eat, Drink and Be Merry

ATV Riding in Maine eat drink.jpeg

So you’re ATV riding in Maine when suddenly…

“I’m hungry. I should ride somewhere and get food.”

The thought arrives unbidden and remains in the back of your mind. Nagging. The morning came too early after the evening around the Camp Katahdin bonfire stayed a bit too late. So it goes sometimes. It’s a bit late for breakfast but a bit early for lunch.

Brunch time. Maine-style!

Saddling up atop four wheels you head off for some quality grub, heeding the call of the Maine ATV trails. 


ATV Riding in Maine

It’s been a well kept secret by locals, but Northern Maine ATV riding has taken off in popularity.

Probably due to the gorgeous scenary and well kept trails.  Near Mt. Katahdin and the terminus of the Appalachian Trail, lies a beautiful little town by the name of Patten.  If you ever get the chance to visit and if you’re staying at Camp Katahdin, there are a few short ATV trails in the Katahdin Area you should not miss.

Here are our favorite local eat and drink spots.  

atv ride to river cafe from patten maine.jpg

ATV Ride to Brunch

From Camp Katahdin in Patten to River Café in Island Falls

Distance from Camp Katahdin: About 20 trail miles, one way

While you’ll enjoy the ride: Great view of the river right from the back deck

Added perk: Ice Cream

For breakfast, or brunch in the case of a late start, the River Café is sure to please. With a full menu and regular specials, there’s sure to be Maine fare fit for any hungry adventurer. For the appetite that needs a serious kick in the tailgate, consider the Log Drivers Omelette. Bacon, sausage, ham, and cheddar.

Need I say more? No, but one online reviewer that stopped by River Café sure does. They wrote, “Breakfast was, hands down, one of the best breakfasts we have had in a long time.”

‘Nuff said.

While you chow down, be sure to check out the great view of the Mattawamkeag River from the back deck of the restaurant.

Be sure to loosen the belt a notch or two and top off the feast with a bowl of ice cream. Go ahead and add sprinkles. We don’t judge.

Belly full, take a slow ATV trail ride back while taking in some of Maine’s finest views. Just be sure to keep an eye out for moose. Spend the middle part of the day hanging out at Camp Katahdin’s Denney Lodge or maybe burn off some calories along with some gun powder at their private shooting range.

Like the morning, noon time comes too soon on days like these. So keep on shooting. Say to heck with lunch and make it an early dinner.

atv ride to hanger pizza in patten maine.jpg

ATV Ride to Dinner:

From Camp Katahdin in Patten to Hangar Pizza in Patten

Distance from Camp Katahdin: about a half hour, one way

Why you’ll enjoy the ride: Because it ends with pizza!

Added perk: The airplane motif

Pizza and subs and homemade specials are the standard flight plan for The Hangar, a local favorite eatery just north of Patten off of Rte 11 that specializes in pizza and fried pub-style goodness. You can also choose from a variety of hot or cold subs, as well as grinders and Italians also.

As the name and decor implies, the eatery resides right next to an airport and resembles and airplane hangar. It’s a neat place and certainly a local Patten favorite.

Since dinner probably came early, why not a night cap before heading back to camp? Morning and lunch time came too early. No use letting bed time do the same.

shin pond pub atv ride.jpg

ATV Ride for an Evening Night Cap:

From Camp Katahdin in Patten to Shin Pond Pub in Patten

Distance from Camp Katahdin: about 30 miles, one way. Less from the north side of Patten.

Why you’ll enjoy the ride: Heading north takes you deeper into the wilderness, which is Ah-may-zing at night!

Added perk: The stars

You’re out that way anyway so why not make the journey out to Shin Pond for a drink at Shin Pond Pub? To get to this little pub in the middle of nowhere, you go north and a little west through a whole lot of nothingness (which is great!). Along the way, be sure to stop, kill the engine, and look up.

They don’t make skies like that in the city.

Shin Pond Pub is a little building seemingly in the middle of nowhere. It’s a great little spot complete with deer heads on the wall and beer signs on the ceiling over the pool table. It is exactly what you’d hope to find in a pub tucked into the North Maine Woods.

Night cap complete, ride your ATV merrily back to camp and await the next morning that’s certain to come too soon.

At least you won’t be going to bed hungry.

*The above mentioned trails can change from year to year. This blog post is for informational purposes only. Get a designated driver. Do not drink and ATV drive. Please take care and time to plan your trips by contacting the Patten ATV Club or Patten, ATV Club is a very active and hard working club. Even if you’re from out of town we encourage you to join as your money will go to direct improvement.

Of course, we will help Camp Katahdin visitors map out day-trips in person upon arival or give us a call.

katahdin ATV Trail Lodge.jpg

Denney Lodge at Camp Katahdin is a new, luxury Lodge in Patten, Maine that sits right on Maine’s most beautiful ATV trails (in our humble opinion).  It sleeps 15 and comes with a brand new Chef’s kitchen.  Step out your door and jump on your four wheelers for short rides around town or let us help you map out an amazing day trip.  Read more about our lodge here: