3 ATV Trails from Camp Katahdin in Patten, Maine


It’s so quiet out here. That’s the first thought that runs through your head as you step out onto the porch, steaming cup of coffee in hand. Your stay in the Katahdin region of Maine has only just begun, yet already, you’re feeling the effects. The clean, forest-scented air is aromatherapy for your population-weary soul. Can’t wait to get out there? Here are 3 ATV Trails from Camp Katahdin in Patten, Maine.

3 ATV Trails from Camp Katahdin in Patten, Maine 

“I should get away like this more often.”  Are you talking to yourself again?  

Today’s agenda is short. As it should be. 

  1. Relax, drink coffee, and enjoy the fresh air
  2. Ride to somewhere awesome on an ATV
  3. Eat lunch somewhere awesome
  4. Return to the lodge to relax some more

So where to ride? The options are near endless but you’ve narrowed it down to these three possibilities.


hastings falls maine atv trail.pngPhoto credit: Will Crovo. Check out more of his pics from this area here. 

Camp Katahdin to Hastings Falls near Merrill ATV Trail

Distance: From Camp Katahdin, about 27 miles one way 

Why you’ll enjoy the ride: The scenery and lack of population along the way

Added perk: Fishing along the rivers and streams 


This is one of those trips that’s more about the journey than the destination. The ride out to Hastings Falls is simply gorgeous. It’s a quiet, scenic ride through unpopulated areas.

It’s the kind of ride you can’t help but take slow as you take in the surroundings. Don’t be surprised if you happen upon moose, deer, or other native fauna that use the trails as their own community interstate system.

The actual falls are not big. Nor are they that unique from the hundreds of other falls that dot the New England landscape. But that’s not the allure here. This destination is serene, plain and simple.

The steady thrum of the cascading water is a lullaby to those looking to escape the modern world. This is Maine wilderness, easily accessed.

Pack a lunch or catch it along the way. There are ample fishing opportunities in the area. Fresh fish cooked on the tailgate of the Ranger? Now THAT is eating lunch Maine style!

 Katahdin to Mt Chase ATV Trail Ride.jpgPictured: Riders heading out to the Katahdin ATV trails, Mt. Chase in the background.

Camp Katahdin to Mt. Chase ATV Trail Ride

Distance: From Camp Katahdin, about two hours one way

Why you’ll enjoy the ride: The views of Baxter State Park

Added perk: Hiking trails up to the top of the mountain


Mt. Chase is a 2,440 foot mountain that overlooks Upper and Lower Shin Ponds. The ATV Trail System will take you right to the base of the mountain. There it’s worth stopping for a bit, maybe even for lunch. There’s a little picnic area there with a fire ring that’s just perfect for such an occasion. 

S’mores anyone?

There’s also an old ranger cabin in the area and the remnants of what used to be a fire watch tower. Take a moment to envision a fire in this area. Imagine what it’d be like to try to contain it. Whew, heavy stuff…

If ambition abounds, take a hike up the mountain. It’s only a moderate incline and even novice hikers should be able to knock it out in an hour or two. It’s there at the top of the mountain that the views really are spectacular.

To the west is the eastern boundary of Baxter State Park and its mountains including Traveler Mountain, North Traveler, Horse Mountain, and of course Mount Katahdin.

Camp Katahdin to Shin Pond ATV Trail Ride  .jpg            Photo credit: Gary G. via The Dyrt.

Camp Katahdin to Shin Pond ATV Trail Ride

Distance: From Camp Katahdin to Shin Pond 31 miles one way

Why you’ll enjoy the ride: You won’t have to pack (or catch) lunch

Added perk: Fuel for both man and machine available on site


Combined, Upper and Lower Shin Ponds consist of about 1,200 acres of lake surface. While there is more modern development in this area than in the two previously mentioned sites, it isn’t too much.

From Camp Katahdin you can ride out to the Shin Ponds and do a little fishing, explore the area, or just take in the scenery. The tree lined mountains overlooking the lakes are quite stunning. Then before heading back you can stop off at the restaurant to fuel yourself up.

Be sure to also fuel up your ride at Skinner’s Wilderness Store and maybe grab a gift for those that had to stay behind while you rode all over the Katahdin area of Maine.

So what’ll it be? Waterfalls, mountain climbs, fishing, or something else entirely? 

Let’s ride!

*The above mentioned trails can change from year to year. This blog post is for informational purposes only. Please take care and time to plan your trips by contacting the Patten ATV Club or ATVMaine.org. Patten, ATV Club is a very active and hard working club. Even if you’re from out of town we encourage you to join as your money will go to direct improvement. Of course, we will help Camp Katahdin visitors map out day-trips in person upon arival or give us a call.

katahdin ATV Trail Lodge.jpg

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