ATV Riding in Maine

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6 things you didn’t know about ATV Riding in Maine

In Maine, you can ride an ATV just about anywhere.  Want to take a ride out to the countryside for breathtaking views? Hop on the four-wheeler.  Need to ride into town to pick up bread and milk? Or beer? Jump in the side-by-side.  Feel like going for a day-long trail ride but never want to cover the same route twice? No problem.

Kinda makes you want to come visit Maine on your next ATV Vacation, doesn’t it?

Well don’t run out and start loading up the wheelers just yet. Before you make the trip, let’s talk details first…

Here are six things you probably didn’t know about ATVing in Maine.


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Maine’s ATV trail system is enormous

And by “enormous,” we’re talking several thousands of miles. Yeah, THOUSANDS! Maine ATV trails crisscross the state and give riders the opportunity to go just about anywhere. There are trails that take you to the mountains, to the coasts, to rivers and waterfalls…you name it.

You really can ride all day and go just about anywhere. For instance, from Camp Katahdin you could ride out to Hastings Falls, into Patten for fuel and supplies, and test your skills on Killer Hill. Along the way, you’ll take in spectacular views of Mt. Katahdin, Mt. Chase, and some amazing panoramas from any number of hilltop trail routes.

Nate Humphreys from Camp Katahdin talks about Maine ATV Trails and more on a podcast with Brian Wilson.

The Maine ATV trail system isn’t quite as extensive or as established as the 14,000-mile snowmobile trails in maine, but it’s getting there. In fact, many of the snowmobile routes double as ATV trails when conditions allow. With the continual increase in ATV popularity, it’s no surprise that Maine is working on establishing a statewide interconnected ATV trail system similar to the incredible system it has in place for snowmobiles.

ATV Trails in Katahdin area.jpg                  Pictured: A group rides some trails near Camp Katahdin. Bridges maintained by our Patten ATV club.

You really can ride just about anywhere

The trail system provides the connection between many towns throughout the state. But the towns themselves cater to riders by allowing ATVs on designated local roads. We weren’t kidding, you really can make a beer run in the Ranger. But of course you’ll need to leave the drinks on ice until you get back to camp.


There are more than 70 ATV clubs in Maine

Maine ATV clubs and their dedicated volunteers are largely the ones responsible for establishing and maintaining the extensive ATV trail system. These dedicated riders also post trail condition reports and keep the ATV community up to date on what’s happening with the trails throughout the state. Most clubs maintain websites or social media pages that you can follow.


Maine will send you trail maps

Sure, the web is handy, but there’s just something great about being able to hold an actual map. As part of the public-private partnership between the state and local clubs and landowners, Maine produces a hard-copy statewide ATV trail map. To have one sent to you, simply request one from the state’s Bureau of Parks and Lands’ ATV Program by calling (207) 287-2751.


You need to register your ATV

Even if you’re not a resident of Maine, you still need to register your ATV with the state to use it on any public land, road, or trail. But the state has made the process real easy thanks to the internet. You can register online using the Maine ATV & Snowmobile Registration system on the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife website.


You don’t even need your own ride

Don’t own an ATV? Or don’t feel like hauling yours all the way out here? No problem! There are a bunch of places throughout the state where you can rent an ATV or side-by-side.

You can even take it a step further and have a local guide show you the best spots and routes throughout the area. Hmm…leave the cell phone behind and just ride off into the Maine woods for a while? No distractions. No worries. Just trees and trails. And a few mountains. And maybe a moose or two.

Count. Me. In.

ATV season is fast approaching. The time to start planning your Maine ATV vacations is now.


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