Scenic Snowmobile Trails Near Katahdin


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Scenic Snowmobile Trails near Katahdin are around every corner!

Scenic Snowmobile Trails Near Katahdin

The scenic beauty is one of Maine’s best features. From endless vistas of the North Woods to the many mountains rising above any number of lakes and rivers, Maine’s landscape is truly something to behold.  

Even in winter.

Actually, winter is a great time to take in long-reaching views. The crisp air allows for a wholly uninterrupted view of the snow covered landscape.

There are a ton of great views to be found in and around the Katahdin area. This post highlights a few of the great places to take in some of Maine’s best scenery, all of which are mere day trips by snowmobile from Camp Katahdin.

 katahdin snowmobile trails.jpgPhoto Credit: Facebook Page for Rockabema Snow Rangers “The best trails around”

Maine’s Interconnected Trail System

The snowmobile trails in Maine are a vast network. These trails are all connected via the state’s Interconnected Trail System (ITS). So, no matter where you want to go in the state or which amazing scenery you want to take in, there’s likely a trail that will get you there.

To find your way around, simply check out the online mapping application hosted by the Maine Snowmobile Association.The sites described here are all accessible by sled from Camp Katahdin via the ITS Connector 112.

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Scenic Area on Trail 64

There’s a great scenic area on trail 64 about a mile west of ITS 81. There area isn’t named, but it’s a beautiful spot. It is a little south of the Mt. Chase State Forest between ITS 81 and Highway 159. The area is a valley near where two streams come together.

To get there from Camp Katahdin, you’d take trail 112 to ITS 81 in Patten then head north and take trail 64 to the west. The spot is about a mile down trail 64.

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Katahdin View Loop Trail

Continuing west down trail 64, the Katahdin View Loop trail shoots off to the south. This trail loop offers great views of mountains and river valleys including the Seboeis River and its many tributaries. From the southernmost portion of the loop, Peaked Mountain is not far away to the south and west.



To the northwest a ways near the northeast corner of Baxter State Park is a scenic view trail just a few miles from the Matagamon wilderness store. Here you’ll find great views of First Lake, Hay Lake, and the mountains of the eastern part of the state park. This area is more heavily wooded and more remote as you’re nearing the Maine North Woods.

From Camp Katahdin, there are several trail options you can choose from to get to Matagamon. ITS 85 basically makes a loop through Matagamon so depending on which route you take, you’ll come at it from either the northeast or south.

The most direct route would be to get on ITS 81 from 112 at Patten. Take ITS 81 through Mt. Chase and Shin Pond, then take ITS 85 west just past Upper Shin Pond. It will make a northward loop then come back down just east of Grand Lake Matagamon.

Katahdin Area Snowmobile Fuel and Supplies.jpeg

Katahdin Area Snowmobile Fuel & Supplies

These day trips will take you into some pretty remote areas so be sure to stock up on fuel and supplies before you get too far from civilization. There are a couple pit stop options just a few miles from Camp Katahdin. Both are right in Patten where trail 112 connects to ITS 81.

The first is the Napa gas station. You’ll find it open from 7 AM to 6 PM on weekdays and from 7 AM until noon on Saturdays. It’s closed on Sunday and only sells regular gas.

The second option is the Quick Stop. It’s open from 6 AM to 8 PM weekdays, 7 AM to 8 PM on Saturdays, and 7 to 7 on Sundays.

As always, be sure to let others know where you plan to ride and when you plan to return. If possible, ride with a friend, especially when heading deep into the wilderness areas. When you are snowmobiling in Maine, be sure to carry the essentials and, in this case, a camera too.

Enjoy the views!

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