Corporate Retreat Locations in Maine

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Corporate Retreat Locations in Maine are abundant.

Why should you bring your corporate retreat to Maine?

Because nowhere else offers coastlines, mountains, lakes, and forests the way Maine does. If staff-rejuvenating, corporate retreats in Maine is what you’re after, there really isn’t a better place for awe-inspiring views and outdoor adventure.

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Corporate Retreats on the Coast of Maine

Maine is famous for its rocky coast and lighthouses. But mixed in with its 3,500 miles of tidal coastline are lots of little beaches and literally thousands of islands. The irregular coastline also provides endless bays, many of which are surrounded by steep rocky cliffs.

Who’s up for a boat tour or a kayak adventure?

As if the views aren’t enough, need I remind you that Maine literally sets the gold standard with its lobster? Actually when it comes to seafood in general, it’s hard to beat anything out of the north Atlantic and you can’t get any farther north than Maine without leaving the country.  

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Acadia National Park is an hour’s drive from Bangor International Airport. This 47,000 acre national park is centered on Maine’s Mount Desert Island and offers a snapshot of everything great about Maine’s Atlantic Coast. Here you’ll find rocky beaches, granite peaks, and unique features such as Somes Sound and Cadillac Mountain, the highest point on the US east coast.

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Corporate Retreats near the Forests of Maine

There’s a reason Maine is called the Pine Tree State. With 83 percent of the state covered in forest, it is the most forested state in the nation.

With all this forest, true escapes into nature abound. While the Appalachian Trail is most widely known, with its northern terminus at Mt. Katahdin, there are tons of other trail systems to choose from. Even if your retreat is outside the warm season, there are endless trails groomed for cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and of course, snowmobiling.

As the least densely populated state east of the Mississippi, Maine offers ample opportunity to truly escape from it all. As a rule of thumb, the farther north and west you go, the less population and more forest there is.

Areas in the far north part of the state have population densities less than one person per 200 square miles.  Hey by the way, we are expert corporate retreaters. For a more detailed list of tips on planning your successful corporate retreat, download our free guide, “6 Tips for an Epic Corporate Retreat.

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Maine makes great use of technology with its trail systems. From your office, access Maine’s interactive Trail Finder website to find any type of land or water trail in any part of the state. If a snowmobile trail ride is on the agenda, hit up the Maine Snowmobile Association’s Interactive Map and read our blog post for more background on Snowmobile Trails in Maine.

Corporate Retreats in the Mountains of Maine

Corporate Retreats in the Mountains of Maine

At the other end of the elevation spectrum from Maine’s coasts are its mountains. These peaks, many of which are completely forest covered, are also one of the state’s most prominent features. They can be seen from the shore and get larger as you travel inland where they make up the northern end of the Appalachians. The highest point, Mt. Katahdin, is just shy of a mile tall.

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If you want to make the mountains a feature of your corporate retreat (and let’s face it, in Maine, they’re going to be anyway), start at the top with Baxter State Park. This 209,000 acre wilderness area was established to keep the Katahdin area “forever wild” and as naturally pristine and unaltered as possible. Inside the park, you won’t find paved roads, electricity, or running water. You will find beautiful scenery, abundant wildlife, Mt. Katahdin and the north end of the Appalachian Trail.

Camp Katahdin’s hunting lodge near Patten, Maine, is less than a two hour drive from Bangor International Airport. The lodge is new with high tech, luxury amenities like a board room and a Chef’s kitchen. From there, you can day-trip to Baxter State Park, Mt. Katahdin, and many other great places.

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Corporate Retreats Near Maine’s Lakes and Rivers

Mixed in between all those mountains in Maine are a ton of lakes, streams, and rivers. The combination of water, forest, and mountain is easily what sets Maine apart from just about anywhere else on earth.

There is something purely awe-inspiring about viewing a forest covered mountain from a quiet lake shore. Even pictures of these places are something to behold (seriously, Google “Maine landscape” and look at the images).

The abundance of these places adds to the thousands of miles of tidal shoreline the state has to offer meaning you don’t have to join the masses on the coasts to get the same experience (unless of course you really crave saltwater). Don’t worry, they still have lobster on the menu.

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Millinocket, a small town at the edge of the North Maine Woods, provides stunning lakeshore views of Mt. Katahdin. The town is a gateway to tons of activities including rafting, hiking, and snowmobiling. It is also home to the Baxter State Park headquarters. Millinocket is just a short trip from Camp Katahdin, even by snowmobile.

corporate_retreat_ideas_team_building.jpgPictured is Camp Katahdin’s Denney Lodge


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