Snowmobile Vacations in Maine

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Why choose a snowmobile vacation in Maine? Regardless of your group there’s something for everyone. Choose a full-day, a half-day, or opt for a short tour around the trails. Rentals and guided tours let groups of many sizes and experience levels enjoy time exploring Maine’s wilderness by snowmobile.


Guided Snowmobile Tours in Maine 

If you’re new to snowmobiling, look for an experienced guide to show you around. Choosing a guide lets you relax knowing that you’ve got someone who can navigate the trails, is up-to-date on where to find the best conditions, and plans it right so you make it to lunch on time.

They’ll customize a trip based on your riding experience and what type of terrain you’d like to cover. Choose from one or a combination of adventures to make your trip one you won’t soon forget.

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Snowmobiling Trails in Maine

Maine’s extensive trail system means you’re not restricted to a closed loop of trails where you ride in circles all day. You’ve got options for adventure. Some riders prefer to cover ground; that means long days and lots of miles.

If riding is your passion, opt for a multi-day excursion. Start off further south to minimize time in the car and work your way north by sled. Multi-day trips most often means packing overnight gear on your sled, but if that doesn’t work for you look for an outfitter that offers bag drop service. This will minimize your time spent loading and unloading your sled, getting you more time out on the trails.

Pick-out your destinations and lodging ahead of time for some peace of mind, and let someone know when you plan to be back.  Snowmobile trails in Maine are worth planning ahead.

big_hunting_lodge_corporate_retreat_with_board_room.jpgDenney Lodge at Camp Katahdin Adventures is Located on Maine’s ITS81 and Connector 12

Snowmobile Cabins in Maine

Prefer not to commit to long days and hundreds of miles on the trail? Find yourself a central base camp that offers easy access to Maine’s ITS trail system, with options heading in all directions.

Choosing a comfortable snowmobile lodge to call home for a few days lets you hop on and off the trails at your leisure.

You can often count on these places to offer up-to-date information about their local trail conditions, detailed local maps, and amenities that keep you happy on the trails or off.   


Family Snowmobiling Adventures

If you’re looking to bring along the kids grab the local trail map and choose together where you’ll head. Letting them be a part of the process keeps them excited if they’re feeling hesitant. Choose a loop that includes a point of interest, swings by a lunch spot, and then heads back to base.

This lets you experience a variety of stops and keeps everyone entertained. Snowmobile adventures are enjoyed most by kids over 10, who aren’t likely to fall asleep while riding. Do keep in mind if you’re renting that some outfitters have age requirements so be sure to check before you go.

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Corporate Meeting Ideas

Thinking about treating your team or clients? Snowmobiling is a great option if you’re looking to build comradery or say thank you for a job well done.

When planning for a corporate outing, guides come in handy. Corporate groups often have a mixed level of experiences and a guide can make sure everyone feels comfortable. Look for someone who will offer instruction to the group.

If you’re group is small enough for just one guide to lead, make sure you designate an experienced rider to pull up the rear, ensuring no one falls behind. 


Historic Landmarks

Rather explore a bit of Maine’s history? If you’re a history buff, plan your trip to include a visit to pieces of Maine’s past scattered across the state. Historic landmarks dot the Maine snowmobile trail system and offer a look at the events that have shaped this beautiful state.

Just outside of Greenville on Elephant Mountain you can find remnants of a downed B-52 bomber that crashed during a training mission in 1963.

Further north try your hand at finding the forgotten trains at Eagle Lake for a glimpse at Maine’s long logging history or visit an old logging farm completely off-grid up in Maine’s North Woods at Historic Pittston Farm


Camp Katahdin’s hunting lodge sits right on Connector 112 – to – ITS 85 and 83.

Snowmobile Vacations in Maine

Whatever your interest there is something for everyone to enjoy, even if that means cozying up by the fire while your friends go for a ride. Snowmobiling in Maine is part of the state’s rich history and there are plenty of lodges, rental outfits, and guides to help show you around.

For fun, we asked a Registered Maine Guide to tell us how they prepare for rides. Click this image to read more on how to optimize your next snowmobile ride: