Shooting Classes in Maine: Long Range Shooting Course


Shooting Classes in Maine:

Long Range Shooting Course

Here’s another quick podcast from Nate and Brian about Camp Katahdin’s upcoming All-inclusive, Long Range Shooting Course.  Press play and following along with the podcast transcript and pics below.


UPDATE: This course took place in 2016. Click here to read about our upcoming courses:


 Podcast transcript:

Brian Wilson:   Hey there! Brian Wilson back on the Camp Katahdin hotline with Camp Katahdin’s grand exalted omnipotent stomper and chief ATV exotic dust maker, Nate Humphries. Nate, how’s the summer going up there at Camp Katahdin HQ?


Nate Humphrey:  Beautiful summer it is that we’ve had thus far.


Brian Wilson:   Yeah. I don’t recall ever hearing about tornado touching down in Maine. Probably didn’t have enough guts.


Nate Humphrey:  Sure thing.


Brian Wilson:   Hey listen, I’ve got wind of a special event you got coming up now at Camp Katahdin around the end of September, around the 23rd. A long range shooting course.


Nate Humphrey:  Correct, Brian. I’ve been working on this for a while and we’re lucky enough to get Isaac Gilmore who is a United States Navy Seals to come up and work with us on a long range shooting course. It’s gonna be our first one that we’ve hosted. Isaac has been up to the property and worked with us for like the past 3 to 4 years. Great American. Great guy. Great teacher. He’s a joy to spend time with.

I tell you, the special operators and the people that operate on the level such as Isaac does, they all seem to be cut from the same cloth. They’re just great Americans and great people to spend time with. So, we’re very lucky to have somebody of his caliber that’s gonna come up and teach our first course. Start at 100 years and work out. By the end of the weekend, you’ll be shooting successfully at 1,000 yards.


Brian Wilson:   Woah. Was this born of the popularity of some of the sniper films and so on, is that where that interest comes from or when you’re in pursuit of a Maine Hunting trip for moose, or bear, or deer, or some of the big game up there in Maine to have shots of that distance?


Nate Humphrey:   Well, I think it’s a combination. You know, you go out West hunting or Alaska. And definitely, you can have some shots, 600-800 yards. There are a lot of forums out there and groups, long range shooting forum. There’s that application, but there’s also the sport of long range target and prediction.

And you know, there’s competitions and a lot of people who is in the hobby and for fun. So, there’s really quite a science to it. You know, the days that Kentucky winded are long gone. There’s apps. There’s a lot you can do to really reach out and shoot at distances like that. There’s a lot to it. Somebody such as Isaac can teach you how to do that and do it successfully.


Brian Wilson:  Part of the requirements, you’ve got to bring your own guns and ammo, but we’re not talking Daisy Red Ryder 500 shot repeater here. We’re not talking 458 Winchester either are we or are we?


Nate Humphrey:   Well, no. I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody showed up with some exotic calibers like that. I mean, of course, the standard long range caliber that started it all was the .308, right, or the .762. There’s a lot of information, a lot of data out there in that realm. And it’s been a long range realm for a long time. Now, some of the more modern calibers such as the .338 Lapua have taken over and even the .50 BMG. Oh yeah, a really good .308.


My setup, I have a Savage Model 10 Tactical, it’s left handed as am I, with a beautiful Leupold Tactical stilt that goes 4 to 14 power. And it’s got the Harris bipod and McMillan adjustable stock. It’s a beautiful, beautiful gun to shoot long range with. The Remington 700 is also a great long range gun. They make a lot of long range options in that platform. There’s a lot of them out there that you can get. No matter what you have, come on up and we could teach you how to shoot it.


Brian Wilson:  What else is going on besides going out there and throwing a lot of lead way down range? What else do you have on the menu of things to do?


Nate Humphrey:    Funny you mention menu. We’re gonna have Anthony, our lead chef, up there who is gonna be cooking for everybody. So, nobody will go away hungry. And it might not be a bad idea to bring some elastic waist pants just in case. So, we’re gonna cook for you. That’s all inclusive and included too.

You’re gonna be staying at the beautiful Denney Lodge, which of course does have a classroom. We wanna start on Friday, the 23rd, at 6 p.m. with a nice dinner, meet and greet, get to know everybody. After that, we’ll move upstairs to the classroom and Isaac will give some ground instruction and some basics. And then we’ll wake up early Saturday morning and head to the range. Whole day Saturday and Sunday, yes.



Brian Wilson:  What about ammo? Should I just drag along the same ammo that I’m gonna use when I go out after the deer, bear, or moose?


Nate Humphrey:   Whatever you’re comfortable with. Whatever you’ve been using. In my long range setup, I use the Federal Gold Medal Match GM .308 ammo. 


Brian Wilson:   Well, let me make sure we’ve got all the specifics down here correctly. We’ve got checking in September the 23rd sometime before dinnertime I guess, sometime in the afternoon. 


Nate Humphrey:    Correct. 


Brian Wilson:  Okay. 


Nate Humphrey:  Yeah. 


Brian Wilson:   Then we have dinner and classroom. And then up first thing in the morning. Breakfast and out to the range. Isaac will be there. Bring your own guns and ammo, toothbrush, elastic band waist pants. And how much money do I have to bring for this thing?


Nate Humphrey:   The course is $1,000 plus tax, all inclusive. $1,000 on meals, and lodging, and instruction. 


Brian Wilson:   I’m sure that there are people who are gonna have a lot more questions than we have time for here, but that would be easily solved and answered by getting in touch with you.


Learn more about how to sign up by clicking here:



Brian Wilson:  I’ve got your number down. It’s (207) 838-3084. Hope you have a great crowd. But on the other hand, I suspect that there’s a limit to how many people you can accommodate. How many are we talking about?


Nate Humphrey:  Well, we’re only gonna sell 8 seats. Keep the class small so they all learn together and move together.


Brian Wilson:   Anyone listening who is interested, better expedite the call. September 23rd, 6 o’clock, and you’ll be in the presence of one of the Navy’s finest U.S. Navy Seals.


Nate Humphrey:   It’s all day Saturday and Sunday. So, it’s two full days plus the evening classroom instruction. Definitely a good bang for the buck.


Brian Wilson:  So to speak.


Nate Humphey:    Yeah. No pun intended. Right?


Brian Wilson:   Of course, it was. That’s what people like.

Again, for more information on this all-inclusive lodging and course package, click here:


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