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Camp Katahdin is a hunting retreat with a beautiful, luxury log cabin and activities perfect for your unique group. Hunting trips, shooting range fun, ATV trails, weddings, family reunions, corporate meetings, we’ve done it all.

Nate Humphrey and Brian Wilson talk about Corporate Retreat Ideas and Camp Katatahdin Adventures in today’s quick podcast.  Click play and follow along below with the transcript and pics from recent events.

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We’ve been conducting meetings, holding corporate events, and doing deals over campfire for many years at Camp Katahdin.  So, we decided to put together our best tips.  Click here to download this free guide:



  Podcast Transcript:

Brian Wilson:   Well, here we are smack in the middle of summer and it is July. And so, what do you think? A lot of ‘em can’t be too far behind. And when we think of autumn, we think of cooler temperatures, brilliant foliage, and the start of the next fiscal year. I’m Brian Wilson.

And on that happy note, I’m here with Nate Humphrey, corporate retreat and event planning genius for Camp Katahdin in Patten, Maine. Nate, with the autumn months ahead and the fact that all this planning is going on right now, I thought you could speak to us about the unique advantages to corporate and team leaders up there at Camp Katahdin.


Nate Humphrey:   Well, hello again, Brian. It’s great to talk to you and great to talk to everybody out there in internet land, and broad land, and podcast land, and hopefully soon to be Patten land and Camp Katahdin land. Yeah, I mean Camp Katahdin and the Denney Lodge is a spectacular place. As I said before, it’s our corporate retreat and an event venue. Basically anything you’d wanna do.

Teambuilding, fitness, any type of ATV Trail Riding, mountain biking, hiking, climbing Katahdin, you name it, easily can do and we can accommodate you at the Denney Lodge at Camp Katahdin. Beautiful spot. And yes, we are in probably one of our roughly 14 days of summer that we get here with temperatures above 85 degrees. But soon, the thermometer will be coming down.

And the cooler temperatures, shorter days, and those beautiful crisp autumn morning with the wind blowing, and beautiful clear skies, and the leaves tumbling and it’s like you can reach out and touch the cap of Mt Katahdin in its beautiful snow-covered glory. And it’s a good time now to jump on and to get your event planned. We’ve got a big event come up the 1st of September. But hey, we got room for more.

 corporate_retreat_ideas_team_building.jpg           Camp Katahdin’s Denney Lodge with board room

Brian Wilson:   Well, let me jump in and ask you about that because I remember very clearly being on a fishing and hunting trip that was the latter part of August. And one evening, the temperature was 34 degrees. So, when people are making their plans and thinking about Patten and Camp Katahdin and coming up there for a few days, are the weather patterns that predictable so they can plan accordingly or should this all be worked out in the conversation with you when they call?


Nate Humphrey:   Well, as Thoreau once said “if you don’t like the weather in New England, wait a minute”, nothing could be any more true than his statement. Definitely need to watch the forecast. And prior to your departure from your home state, from your house, you need to look at the extended forecast, talk to us, and we’ll take a look at temperatures. We’ve had events up there in September where it’s been 85 degrees during day.

We’ve also had events where it’s been, you know, 52 degrees and down to 27 degrees at night. And it’s not that that is uncomfortable in any way. In either direction, you have high highs or the low lows. You just have to prepare with the appropriate clothing and equipment. Certainly, our facility here in the Denney Lodge has central heat and air-conditioning. And some of our other accommodation such as a 310 outfitter cabin that we will erect for large groups maybe with ventilation for when it’s hot or a wood stove for when it’s cool.


Brian Wilson:   Well, you’re looking ahead towards autumn. People making their plans. This is not too early. How open is your calendar?


Nate Humphrey:   I really think you should take advantage of it right now because particularly if people wanna have something on a weekend, there’s only so many good weekends left before snow starts to fall, right, and then the snowmobiling season starts. So, if you’re looking for something that’s a non-snow based activity and you’re looking to ATV, hike, bike, and what not, you need to call us soon and get booked for either September or October. Let’s us not forget, bird season starts soon. You know, the actual bird season in the State of Maine starts generally— I believe it’s October 1st. That’s where you can hunt anywhere for Ruffed Grouse, Pheasants, what not. But of course, there’s always bird season at Camp Katahdin as we have our commercial shooting zone.


What a great place for an event venue, you know, to have a getaway, corporate event and come with your team and hunt our Pheasants that we raised right on the property. 420 up with a 4-wheeler ride, or mountain bike ride, or perhaps even a mountain bike race. We got a nice 5K loop right on the property. Just a great time to head by, but you gotta pick up the phone. You gotta call. We gotta get it worked out for you and see what you need, hit your price, and get you booked.


Brian Wilson:   My understanding is that you’ve been putting together a coupon offer for people who haven’t been to Camp Katahdin who wanna come in for a try-on. How does that work?

Click the image below to learn more about our all-inclusive offer:



Nate Humphrey:   As a matter of fact, we did. It’s a great value for the dollar. Book now through August 5th I believe it is and for $1,999, that’s just shy of 2 grand as we say, it is exclusive use of the Denney Lodge for up to 15 people.

And as a bonus, we will guide you on your very own 4-wheeler tour of the area and just show you how spectacular it is. That’s all meals, lodging. That’s everything but tax.

corporate_retreat_ideas_ATV_four_wheeling.jpg            Camp Katahdin ATV Tour -Just leaving the property to go exploring the Maine ATV Trails

Brian Wilson:   On that ATV tour, do they have to follow you and your notorious dust trail? Is that part of the deal or do you charge extra for that?


Nate Humphrey:   If they can keep up.


Brian Wilson:   All right. So, $1,999 for 2 nights’ rent of the lodge, meals, ATV tour, maximum of 15 people, but you have to get your reservation in before August the 5th and that’s just a matter of days away.

Mt._Katahdin.jpg               Pictured, The beautiful Mt. Katahdin

Nate Humphrey:   That is correct. It’s a very good value particularly if you fill up all 15 beds. So, as I said, that includes all food and we’re gonna cook for you too.

Download your coupon here

Contact Nate Humphrey to check rates and availability here

or call direct: 1-800-621-8203 


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