Event Venue: Family Reunion & Other Unique Groups


Over the years we have had the privilege of entertaining a wide variety of unique groups.  Our event venue is a little slice of heaven nestled away in the most beautiful countryside you’ve ever seen.  In today’s short podcast, Nate and Brian chat a little bit about the different groups that have come through and our ideas on the perfect family reunion.  Press play below and keep scrolling to read along with the transcript, see pics, and check out our brochure here.


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  Podcast Transcript

Brian Wilson:   All right. We’re back with Nate Humphrey once again up at Camp Katahdin, chief cook and bottle washer for anything having to do with your corporate retreats, unique events, weddings, your anniversaries, family reunions and more.

Camp Katahdin, the place to go for your unique group. In our previous discussion, Nate talked to us about the Denney Lodge, Maine ATV trails, Mt Katahdin, corporate retreat ideas, Maine Hunting… But you know, Nate, I’m reminded of the old cliché, “Remember, you are unique just like everyone else.”


Nate Humphrey:   Yes, we are.

 corporate_retreat_ideas_for_team_building.jpg     Corporate Retreat Group at Camp Katahdin

Brian Wilson:   And there is something special about everybody’s company, about everybody’s team, about everybody’s unique group. So, when someone calls and they want to book their event at Camp Katahdin, what are some of the things you’ve been asked to deliver and have succeeded on behalf of the people who had some of these special requests?


Nate Humphrey:   Well, we’ve done everything from cook ethnic food for people from the Middle East to have fresh fish and lobster flown in. We even ran low on ammo one time and I called one of my friends to make a special delivery of ammunition that we shipped right up to the property. We’ve put on firework shows and displays. We’ve done training courses with elite military trainers. ATV rides of course.

snowmobiling_in_northern_maine.jpg  Snowmobile Group

But let us not forget the snowmobile season that’s gonna be approaching us this winter. Virtually, our property is located at the intersection of several snowmobile trails and it’s gonna be a great place for snowmobiling this winter.

And, basically what I do is I don’t have the rates necessarily posted on the website because everybody is different. Due to the remote location, I like to talk to somebody and find out exactly what they wanna do, what their needs are, and then we build their pricing. And it either fits their budget and they give us a nod or they’ll ask to make cuts here and there and I’ll show them how they can save money without necessarily taking away from the wonderful experience of the Denney Lodge.

camp_k_collage.jpg          Scenes from Camp Katahdin lodging and ATV rides.

Brian Wilson:   Well, let’s take, for example, a family reunion and you’ve got a wide range of kids ranging from say 5 years all the way up to grandpa at 85 years. Does that create any special needs or problems that have to be worked around or is it pretty much everybody is there for a grand old time and full speed ahead?

 event_venue_family_reunion_kids_camp_katahdin.jpg            Camp Katahdin father son event

Nate Humphrey:   Well, I’d say both because, you know, obviously the children, we’ll setup an event field for them. Maybe badminton. Maybe setup a little soccer field for them during the day. Baseball. Throw some baseball diamonds down. Plus, the new rage that’s going throughout the country, Cornhole.

DSC_1513.jpg                    A catered event at Camp Katahdin

And it’s always fun for grandparents and elders to watch their children in activities like that. But then activities for people that may be mature as we like to say would be a very nice ranger ride around the property. Perhaps watching and even participating in some shooting sport. Take a look at where we grow the pheasants. Maybe a nice walk. Perhaps a nice canoe ride in one of the lakes or rivers in the area. So, there’s plenty to do for all ages.

DSC_1629_1.jpg                   A Camp Katahdin Bonfire

And then at night, the kids love it when we get a big bonfire going. Everybody will circle around the bonfire. And we get some really nice teenagers up there that help us out that will get a game going of man tracker where the girls and boys that are on the property will be running around the field trying to find each other. It’s just the fancy name for hide and go seek. So, there really is something for everybody at our wonderful event venue, Camp Katahdin at Denney Lodge.


Brian Wilson:   My parents are looking forward to that full contact shuffleboard that you spoke of a while back.


Nate Humphrey:   Absolutely. We’ve only had a few entries thus far.


Brian Wilson:   And now, let’s talk about that coupon special (click below to get coupon code): 


Nate Humphrey:   It’s a great value for the dollar. Book now to August 5th I believe it is and for $1,999, that’s just shy of 2 grand as we say, it is exclusive use of the Denney Lodge for up to 15 people. And as a bonus, we will guide you on your very own 4-wheeler tour of the area and just show you how spectacular it is. That’s all meals, lodging. That’s everything but tax.


Brian Wilson:   All right. So, 1,999 for 2 nights’ rent of the lodge, meals, ATV tour, maximum of 15 people, but you have to get your reservation in before August the 5th.


Nate Humphrey:   That is correct. It’s a very good value particularly if you fill up all 15 beds. So, as I said, that includes all food and we’re gonna cook for you too.



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