ATV Vacations: 5 Ways to 4 Wheel on Vaca!


As part of our ATV Vacations series, today we cover Five Ways to Four-wheel on Vaca! 

OK – Here’s the Good News: ATVs, ATVing and ATV vacations are the hottest new thing going! Unlike Hula-Hoops, pet rocks, mood rings and Disco, the fun and versatile ATV is gonna stay a big part of the work-and-fun scene for a loooong time! 

Now that Summer finally showed up, load up your ATVs and make your next vacation an ATV Vacation. Get out of the cubicle, out of the house, away from the ‘puters and into the woods, fields, streams and, yes, MUD! Take your vacation to the proverbial “next level” (and sometimes “not so level!”).

Here are some quick ‘n easy suggestions for an ATV Vacation: 


1. The Go-Anywhere ATV is famous for, well – going anywhere! So do it!  Explore!  How? First, you need to get to where the trails are and where are tons of ‘em. By the way, pictured above is Camp Katahdin’s Can-Am 1000 with Mt. Chase in the background. Northern Maine has some of the best Maine ATV Trails.  They are litterally thousands of miles long to Maine woods, to lakes, streams and mountains. This is especially great to do with the kids. Whether they are old enough to their own ATV or mount up with one of the adults, getting today’s cell phone texting gaming selfie takers out among real trees, lakes and wildlife can be as much of a revelation as a darn good time. An ATV Vacation is an adventure in Freedom! And on the practical side, it gives everyone valuable experience navigating new terrain and new conditions. Family time in the great outdoors on ATVs! It doesn’t get any better.  


2.  Boys Nite Out has morphed into the new Mancation. A bunch of buds get their Boy Toys together and head for the horizon. Bringing your ATVs along adds a whole new dimension and options just not available at the Sports Bar or bowling alley! Pictured, is one of Camp Katahdin’s distingueshed guests expressing his feelings about the open road.  You, can find one of the resorts or lodges that have a place to get in some time behind those rifles, shotguns and pistols gathering dust in Ye Olde Gun Safe! Some of those resorts (*cough* like Camp Katahdin) even have world-class instructors who make you a lot better than you think you are. Tactical shooting is a great time for any number of reasons. Many lodges and “retreats” around the country have fishing, archery, some have mountain climbing. When you bring along your ATV, a whole bunch of new options are on the list! Hitting the trails with your pals for exploring and a little “dust eating” is that “extra added ingredient” you’ve heard about and can now experience! 


3. Gal-Cation: “Ladies Nite”, like Boys Nite Out, has been around since Forever. So now that we have Mancations, why not a “Gal-cation” (?) just like the men? Why not? Women shoot, fish, hike and ride ATVs, too! Talk about something really different! Think about it! Put Rodeo Drive or Jamaica on hold, round up some gal pals and give it a Go! ATVs may not come in Pink (wait, they probably do), but they do have Power Steering and lot of other convenience options to make the experience more fun/less hassle! There’s a magnificent retreat in Patten, Maine that has all the “comforts of home” and all the excitement of Outdoor Adventure! While you can certainly hop on the ATV to commune with Ma Nature, you can also 4Wheel it into Patten for coffee and Danish – or whatever! Then zip on back to the lodge for more fun and excitement. Go ahead! Try something “really different”: a “Gal-cation”! (And please come up with a better name than “Gal-cation”!)


4. Hunting pretty much what started it all: ATVs and Hunting are damn near inseparable. Any deer hunter who has had to lug his deer stand a few miles through the snow really appreciates the geniuses who have devised and refined today’s ATV. If you haven’t checked lately, with greater ground clearance, 4WD, power steering, winches, rifle racks, cargo bags, “getting in” and “getting out” have become 1000%  easier, even enjoyable. Nice addition to the All-American Outdoor Adventure (especially when you’re packing out that trophy buck!). 


4.5.  Fishing trips: Kinda like Hunting. Haven’t you dreamed about finding some undiscovered lake deep in the woods that has never seen a Pop-R, spinner bait or purple worm and giant unsuspecting bass, trout, muskies are just hangin’ out waiting to bite something new? Get back in there and find it on your ATV Fishing Vacation! We packed in a couple tents, sleeping bags, fishing gear, clothes and goodies on our 2 ATVs and had a ball! (Might post some pictures later but no coordinates! Go find your own! That’s half the adventure!).


5. Honeymoon! This is my “Think Outside The Box” Idea: Stay with me! Think about it: Your Significant Other shares your interests, hobbies, love of the Outdoors, right? Hunting, fishing, camping, exploring, ATV riding, all high on her Fun Things To Do List, right? Hey – that’s why you fell hard and popped the question, right? Now a Honeymoon is all about getting (far) away for some serious Alone Time. Forget Niagara Falls or Disney World (except for Fantasy Land). You can’t get more “away” than the peace and serenity of the woods of Northern Maine! Hold on! That doesn’t mean spending your Wedding Night in separate sleeping bags! No!  I know a place with some of the best accommodations anywhere! When you want to get out of the Lap of Luxury, walk out the door, hop on the ATVs and let Nature take its course! Think about it! And if you’ve already tied the knot, an ATV Anniversary can be just as fun, new and exciting. Even Dr. Phil sez, “New and Exciting are two of the most important ingredients in a successful marriage.” (There is a slim possibility Dr. Phil never said that but it sounds right!)

You have lots of choices and lots of options. If you need specifics about places to go, ATVs and all the Right Stuff, start here. Then go here. Take lots of pics and vids – then share with your friends…especially those who never thought an ATV Vacation was for them! They’ll thank you for it as soon as they return from theirs.

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