The Best Corporate Retreat & Event Venue In Maine


Our good friend, Brian Wilson, sat down with Camp Katahdin’s Nate Humprey for a quick chat about executive meetings, group trips, and team building at our luxury hunting lodge in beautiful Northern Maine. Here is a short podcast: The Best Corporate Retreat & Event Venue In Maine.


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Podcast Transcript

Brian Wilson: let’s talk about the crown jewel of Camp Katahdin, Denney Lodge. First, who’s Denney?


Nate Humphrey: Denney is George Denney, a financial and personal mentor to all of us. He’s like a father to all of us. He’s a wonderful man. He’s the founder of Cole Haan shoe. The way that I met him is through Michael. The way that Michael met him is Michael was giving a speech and George was in the audience so that’s when he came up and introduced himself. So that was a start of a long and continued relationship.


Brian Wilson: So now you have the Denney Lodge, a world class corporate retreat as well as equally accommodating for family, friends, hunting parties, camping, weddings, events, and hunting headquarters for yourself, and your group. But beyond making reservations, Nathan. How does a business, a corporate entity that’s thinking about a corporate event and listening go about making all the arrangements to take care of all the options you offer?


Nate Humphrey: I’m a little old fashioned in some ways and I really like people to just pick up the phone and call me and call and we can talk about the property, everything it has to offer and we can talk about the services that they offer and what they want, the amount of people, where they’re coming from. On the corporate retreat, we’ll custom tailor a package to meet the individual needs of the client.


Brian Wilson: My understanding again is that you can handle groups up to 15, is that correct?


Nate Humphrey: At Denney Lodge, we can sleep 15. Our current retreats that we’ve had in the past for our own internal customers, we have had as many as 100 people on the property and we’ve done it successfully. So Denney Lodge in a luxury setting will sleep 15. But if somebody wants to have a large corporate retreat up there, we can actually accommodate up to almost 100 on.


Brian Wilson: Wow. I’m looking at the pictures and I’m seeing what appears to be a state of the art kitchen, the bedrooms, fireplace, the furniture. But that conference room that’s just not something you tend to see at a hunting lodge up in northern Maine.


Denney Lodge Boardroom 

Nate Humphrey: Correct. If you look at the table itself. That table comes from Maine Heritage Timber and it’s custom made for us. That is timber off from the bottom of the Penobscot River that dates back to the 1800’s. A picture simply cannot do it justice. You have to see it. It is gorgeous. It has the most beautiful shade of greens, reds, and gray blended into the wood because it was persevered on the water for so many years. It’s beautiful.


Brian Wilson: That’s a great story.


Nate Humphrey: Of course, we have Wi-Fi. We got dual TV up on the conference room so you can stay connected. If there are things going on that you need to see, printers, wireless printers the whole 9 yards. You got everything there so that you can do business, have meeting, have breakout sessions and then of course all the other activities of teambuilding and then the camaraderie of large campfires and bonfires at night. We have done a couple of them now to where we’ve had 100 people on property. It’s pretty spectacular. It really is.


Brian Wilson: You also mentioned concierge services. I can arrive there with my group and we could bring all of our groceries and everything else we want, use the kitchen and take care of it ourselves but you also offer this concierge service. How expensive and comprehensive is that?


Denney Lodge Kitchen

Nate Humphrey: If you call us and you tell us what you want, we will accommodate. We have a chef that can cook anything that you want him to cook. His specialty is Italian food. He’s very good at making specific Italian dishes. But we also has several Amish families nearby that make a lot of deserts and breads for us and just really anything you want within reason, we can accommodate.


Brian Wilson: I’m thinking now mousse parmesan with soufflé pie. I think I’m ready for that. I could do that.


Nate Humphrey: Funny, we served that two nights ago so I’m sorry you missed it.


Brian Wilson: So basically it wouldn’t be inaccurate to say so your concierge services call you, lay it all out, what you want, how much, what size and whatever it takes, you can accommodate?


Nate Humphrey: Yeah. We are a remote location so we do have some limitation. But yeah, within reason we can get just anything done.


Brian Wilson: And you’re the guy to talk to?


Nate Humphrey: Absolutely.


Brian Wilson: Alright. We’ll get phone numbers and email address. Of course that’s up on the website at

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