ATV Trail Riding Season in Maine


Our good friend and All Terrain Vehicle, trail riding expert, Brian Wilson, sat down with Camp Katahdin’s Nate Humprey for a quick chat about the season here in Patten, Maine. Here is a short podcast: ATV Trail Riding Season at Camp Katahdin:

Read the Podcast transcript below.

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Podcast Transcript

Brian Wilson: Alright. Let’s go into the ATV trail riding season. I have to say, I’m an ATV owner. I’ve had 5 in my illustrious career, always moving up to the bigger, more versatile, more power… But a season, an ATV season… Could you lay that out for us?


Nate Humphrey: The season starts when the trails start drying up. So, roughly May 1st – May 15th is when the trails will open. It lasts until December 1st or the first snow fall, whichever occurs first. Trail riding, which is one of my favorite activities, is nothing short of spectacular. You can get on at ATV at Camp Katahdin and you can go on long ride or a short ride an all-day ride.

You can take an ATV trip to go have breakfast, a trip to have lunch and dinner, and a trip to have a cocktail. An ATV trip to go swimming, fishing, I mean you name it. You never get bored because you can leave the camp one way and come back another. There are three separate ways I can show you to depart our property and access the trails and it’s endless roads and trails. It is absolutely spectacular. ATV-ing in Maine is really growing. It’s growing by leaps and bounds because it’s a very long season.

 atv_corporate_retreats.jpgA group leaves Camp Katahdin lodging to do some trail riding. Pictured in the background is Mt. Chase.

The weather’s terrific that time of year. Maine is beautiful. which is a nonprofit organization is funded by the state has done a marvelous job at assisting local clubs and helping allocate state funding in order to maintain the state trail system and to build trails and get land owner commission to build trails. It’s spectacular.


For example you could just arrive at Denney Lodge and if you were renting a lodge package to where you either brought your own All Terrain Vehicles or use one of ours, you could park your vehicle at the lodge and then go downtown and get your own groceries one. All perfectly legal and perfectly easy or you can get up early in the morning, take off on the quad and really be gone all day and never see the same trail twice. There’s 2 or 3 hour rides.

There’s a really nice ride that’s about an hour and a half, one way to lunch then an hour and a half back. There is a ride that’s about an hour and 45 minutes long that takes you to some beautiful waterfalls. There’s rides to where you can go fishing. There’s scenic rides. There’s a really nice ride to where you can go and park at the base at Mt. Chase and do a hike if you like. Anything you can think of really, endless opportunities on a vehicle like that. It’s just beautiful riding up there.

Hunting_Lodge_in_Maine.jpg  Denney Lodge at Camp Katahdin. 

Brian Wilson: For example, someone is reasonably experienced at riding and camping. Could I throw for example a pop tent on the back of Polaris and maybe some MREs and some water and just go trembling off to a pond or a lake or just the woods and spend a couple of days outside, can I do that?


Nate Humphrey: This is something that I’ve been dying to do but I haven’t had the time yet. The answer is yes. You could pick up and you ride to a camp ground. If you want to you can pick a specific camp ground or you can just pick a spot and camp out. There’s so many places you can go.


Brian Wilson: What about the guy who gets stuck, blows a tire, develops a problem, how do we deal with that?


Nate Humphrey: That’s when I shut my phone off.


Brian Wilson: [Laughs].

mancation.jpeg                     Some jokers having a great time during their stay at Camp Katahdin.

Nate Humphrey: Most of the All Terrain Vehciles that we have wenches on them so if you get stuck you can get yourself pulled out as well as we keep tire kits on all of them too.


Brian Wilson: That sounds fantastic. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but like you have never been either have the time or been in the place where you could do it.


Nate Humphrey: When I stay on the property, I stay at the original log cabin. It still has the gas light. It’s got the original pictures. I got some Amish hanging lanterns on the porch. It’s very primitive and that’s where I stay. So it’s hard for me to give up a night the log cabin to go stay someplace else. I guess that the biggest reason why I’ve never done an All-Terrain Vehichle camping trip. But there are plenty of places to do it.


Brian Wilson: Hey, listen thanks, thanks for the time, thanks for all the information. We’ll make sure that everybody is reminded about, the website location of Camp Katahdin Adventures, on Facebook and you’ll find all the information, the contact information there, phone numbers, email addresses, pictures, everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the ATV Vacations  waiting for you at Camp Katahdin. Then you just grab the phone, call Nathan Humphrey, lay it out and prepare for adventure.


Nate Humphrey: Absolutely. It’s my pleasure. It’s been great spending the time with you. We look forward to hearing from everybody for their next great adventure at Camp Katahdin Adventure!



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