From Rustic Lean-To to Corporate Retreat


Now and Then: From Rustic Lean-To to Corporate Retreat

Tempus Fugit, often embarrassingly mispronounced, is Latin for “Time Flies”. Nothing illustrates the point of the old meme better than a stay at the Denney Lodge at Camp Katahdin, a most remarkable corporate retreat, in Patten, Maine.

Yes, the non sequitur is a leap of Olympic proportions but follow me here for a paragraph or three.

Decades ago, my cousin brought me to Maine to climb Mt. Katahdin, explore Baxter State Park, to pursue the wily “pah-tridge” and rambunctious smallmouth bass. Portaging his canvas (!) Old Town canoe, we stayed in the State-provided accommodations featuring lean-to’s complete with pine straw floors, campfire site (see also: kitchen), crystal clear water from Roaring Brook chilled to perfection; the MREs we brought along were almost yummy.  While we engaged in our outdoor explorations, a well organized crew of Red Squirrels provided “room service”. At all hours. Yet for a 15 year old, excited to be out on a real big time summer adventure, this was High Living!

Then, Tempus Fugit-ed. And, while birds gotta swim and fish gotta fly, the red squirrels became pesky, the pine straw intolerable and that canvas canoe impossible. If only the great Maine outdoors experience could be comfortable – really, really comfortable – while not sacrificing the thrills of the hunting, fishing or that pine tree essence of the woods, lakes and streams.

No longer an inexperienced, resilient teenager, the comforts available thanks to successful career into adulthood beckoned. All those uphill portages, undissolved Tang, dehydrated scrambled eggs and night trips to the bathroom that required boots and a flashlight was equity that justified not just something “better”, but Top. Of. The. Line. I had earned it both in and out of the office.  Enter: the sumptuous state-of-the-art corporate retreat Denny Lodge at Camp Katahdin in Patten, Maine! Eureka! Camp Katahdin answered the call with choices, options and facilities just this side of “indescribable”.


Close your eyes, open your mind and imagine: hunting, fishing and most any outdoor adventure you’ve dreamed of – and your only requirement is: show up! Pheasant hunts: locally raised and released pheasants, guides and dogs on site! You can even make Camp Katahdin your base camp for deer, bear, moose and coyote hunts. There is Sporting Clays and a 100-900 yard rifle range! Want to do some backwoods exploring? Bring your ATV, snowmobile or mountain bike – or use theirs! Too “cushy”? Take a horse! Of course, you could always suck it up and follow my fading footprints up Mt. Katahdin! You can tell me all about it over a libation back in the many comforts of Denney Lodge…


Ahhh… Denney Lodge at Camp Katahdin, where you trade your lean-to, pine straw and red squirrels for a Chef’s kitchen, concierge service and leather chairs. If you MUST conduct business, the Executive Boardroom, WiFI and satellite TV will get ‘er done and release you back into the wild for the things you would much rather be doing! Denney Lodge at Camp Katahdin is called the “premier corporate retreat” because – it is!


Ya know, looking back on those teenage years, when “LL” was just a barn, the lean-to and MREs were OK, even good, it was a great adventure fit for a 15 year-old! Happily, that adventure is still there. It’s morphed into this magnificent corporate retreat, Denney Lodge at Camp Katahdin. Now, I can still get into Maine’s great outdoors, along with the hunting, fishing and every other outdoor adventure, all with the comfort, convenience, even the luxury I’ve earned since the red squirrels “cleaned” the pantry! 


You’ve earned it, too! Grab some of your best buds or your best team or best clients. Show them the outdoors like they’re never seen it. Make your reservations to enjoy a Maine adventure in the luxury of the Denney Lodge at Camp Katahdin.